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Kerygma: A Print and Play Game


$ 5.00

Kerygma : A Print and Play Game
ISBN: 978-0-9880269-0-2
Copyright 2012 CanBooks
All Rights Reserved

This game simulates the life of an evangelical cross-cultural missionary. You will receive a call to the mission field, join a mission agency, and start on deputation. Once you have sufficient resources, you can proceed to language school and then on to the field, where your team will attempt to do evangelism. The goal of the game is to build five believer groups, five national churches, a denominational structure, and finally, for the new denomination to start sending their own missionaries. The first team to place a marker on their Mission Advance square wins the game.

This game was developed as a teaching tool. It is effective for both teaching new missionaries, as well as introducing church-members to the complexities of the missionary life. If you are a missionary, invite the missions committee over to your home for a meal and a board game. Be sure to provide plenty of time for the game, as it usually takes several hours for the uninitiated to play the first time.

This is also a great game for new MKs, to introduce them to the complexities of the missionary situation their parents face. Suitable for ages 12 and up. Requires movers, and dice. Download the color PDF file now for only $5, print it out on your computer, and start to play. If you really like the game, you can either glue the paper to card-stock, or print on a laser printer directly onto card-stock.

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