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Tools for Muslim Evangelism


$ 5.00

  Tools for Muslim Evangelism by Roland Muller
The materials in this book have been reworked into Muller's later work: The Messenger, the Message and the Community. Just as every craftsman has his toolbox, evangelists should also have a box of tools ready for use when trying to explain the gospel to Muslims. Roland Muller introduces us to some of the tools and techniques used by successful evangelists in the Middle East. This book is rich in resources and practical wisdom drawn from many sources. The appendices include the Discovery Lessons, Literary and Audio-Visual Resources for Christians Sharing with Muslims by Ernest Hahn. These appendices are now available for download from Muller's website: Even though it is out of print, this book is being offered because some educational institutions still use parts of it for required reading. Most readers have switched to The Messenger, the Message and the Community.

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